Demonstrations 2015

Sustainability Fair

Sustainability Fair

We have decide to do more “Hands on Demonstrations” this year, as opposed to just presentations like in the past couple of years.

Main demonstration area under the shade of a beautiful tree

10:30 am – Pam Marshall from the Self Sufficiency Shop,  will be providing information/recipes/samples related to using environmentally friendly alternatives in the home (i.e. bicarb soda, vinegar, soap, etc.)

11:30 am – Harry Harrison from the Rare Fruit Society will be doing a wonderful demonstration about Summer Pruning, 

12:30 pmSophie Thomson again will be providing us with a fantastic session on Hills gardening.

2:00 pm – Recycled Fashion Parade, see what can be bought at a bargin price at Op shops.

3:00 pm – WOMaidla, local music to relax with while enjoying local food and wine, as an after Fair family picnic.

Around the Sustainabilty Fair

All day – Kate Hubmayer, author of ‘Nature Crafts for Aussie Kids’, will be running a children’s nature craft workshop,

All day – Peter Geers in conjunction with the Crafers Garden Centre we will also be making a “Wicking bed” during the day, so come along and get the low down on how to make one.

All day – Geoff Coombe from Snakes Alive in conjunction with the Natural Resource Centre will also be displaying snakes and reptiles once again.