Hi there! Sustainability Market 2021

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We’re busy getting ready for our first ever Sustainability Fair markets on October 3rd.

Think music, local food, and a heap of stalls selling sustainable and locally made products. All of this in our favourite spot in Uraidla; the Showgrounds!

Needless to say, revamping our website is on the “To Do” list.

We’ll get there, but in the meantime, visit us on Facebook or Instagram to see what we’ve been up to, or email admin@sustainabilityfair.com.au to get in touch.

sustainability fair images

The Fair came about from a meeting of likeminded neighbours and friends in the early 2000’s who wanted to share and promote technologies to reduce carbon change.  Since then we have evolved to being an event to share skills, information, products, workshops, speakers, and organisations that make it easier to live sustainably.


The Sustainability Fair events are run  by members of the Association.  We are a friendly group of people, committed to promoting “Sustainability”.  We come from all around Adelaide but many of us are located close to Uraidla. We come together to put on  fun, informative and interesting events where groups promote and discuss simple ways to become more sustainable.

We are always happy to meet new helpers and welcome people:

  1. On the day
  2. Before and after
  3. As part of the organising group
  4. For other events and activities

The best way to contact us about volunteering is to email to admin@sustainabilityfair.com.au or contact us via facebook.



Following the AGM in January 2021 the following people have been elected office holders for the Sustainability Fair Inc:

  • Co Chair:  Touraya Kandelaar & Felicity Playford
  • Secretary: Sue King & Jacqui Staniford
  • Treasurer: Charlotte Budenberg
  • Public Officers: Richard Wallace

Committee Members: Aaron Austin, Anya Anastasia, Sally Ashton, Simon Berry, Neil Atkinson, Ian Bourne, Clauire Filsell, Olivia Filsell, Eleanor Ford, Ali Geers, Seb Geers, Alex Harris, Di Liebelt, Sue MacGregor, Sandy MacGregor,  Steven Smith, Dave Spry, Lindsay Tootell, Tina Wallace.

We are best contacted by email to admin@sustainabilityfair.com.au

What is Sustainability?

Being more sustainable may mean growing a few veggies in your back yard, installing solar hot water, or solar panels, composting, irrigating more efficiently, rehabilitating local areas or simply becoming involved in your local community.

What ever sustainability means to you, we hope that we might inspire you make a difference.

Uraidla & Summertown Show

We work very closely with the Uraidla & Summertown Show and we thank them for their continual support and very kind lend of the beautiful show grounds for our fantastic Picnic and Market. Our volunteers tend to give up time to help out at each event which is a great reflection of our amazing community spirit.

Sustainability Projects

The Sustainability Fair distributes funds to local and international projects that aim to increase sustainability and reduce carbon emissions.

Since the Fair started we have contributed funds to the following projects:

  • Sunfunder grants for solar power in developing countries.
  • Solar Panels for the Basket Range Cricket Club
  • Creation of a solar powered 12 volt trailer for community emergencies.
  • Donation of an underwater camera for documenting reef restoration and education in Fiji.
  • Donations to Australian Youth for Climate Change

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The best way to contact us is via email: admin@sustainabilityfair.com.au

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