2023 Sustainability Fair



We can’t live without it but with only 1.2 % of water on the planet in a form we can drink it’s becoming an increasingly rare resource that in some cases is driving conflict.

Our speakers on this years panel come with a passion for delivering water smart solutions into nature, agriculture, cities, gardens, and water courses.

Come along and debate the issues with us and hear about practical solutions and water smart designs and projects that help manage and preserve one of our most valuable natural assets


Janet – short title

Eira – short title

Melissa – short title

Shaun – short title


Conflict over water – who is using what and where are the tension points – Janet (Maclaren Vale example)

What happens when we degrade our rivers and water ways what can we do about improving them – Eira & Shaun

How can we use water more efficiently in our cities – Melissa

How about more efficient systems for agriculture – Janet and Shaun

What about reducing the impact of storm water and runoff – Melissa and Eira

Is plastic pollution a problem – Janet and Eira

How do we get community involved – all


Garden smart design – plants

SAWater – Native garden inspiration

SA Water reservoir volunteer program

Are you looking to spend time outdoors, in nature? As a reservoir volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in a range of activities supporting biodiversity, conservation and recreation within South Australia’s reservoir reserves. With like-minded people, you will help to protect and preserve these special places and gain valuable knowledge and skills in conservation, land and recreation management. Activities include habitat restoration, revegetation, weed control, biodiversity surveys, contributing to threatened species recovery projects and fish stocking. Volunteering is available at Barossa, Happy Valley, Hope Valley, Mount Bold, Myponga, South Para and Warren Reservoir Reserves. The program has a flexible structure, allowing you to opt-in to activities that suit your availability and interests.

Volunteering | Reservoir reserves (reservoirs.sa.gov.au)

Reservoirs South Australia – Volunteering at Reservoir Reserves – YouTube


Landscape South Australia – Hills and Fleurieu | Watercourses


Sedge-and-rush-planting-guide-digital-version-FINAL.PDF (environment.sa.gov.au)

Homepage – Knowledge Platform – CRC for Water sensitive cities

SAWater – Reuse and recycled water

Regenerative agriculture and integrating biodiversity into landscapes



Goolwa to Wellington Local Action Planning Association


www.dynamicstate.com.au (get involved in imaging a better future for SA)

Sedges on the Edges https://www.wgcsa.com.au/uploads/1/1/5/5/115509859/fmjr160321ecovineyardssedgesontheedgesfinal.pdf

Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board https://www.landscape.sa.gov.au/hf

Eira – sixth creek and other conservation and volunteering programs

These are all groups that I know are currently active and a good first contact for people.

Sixth Creek Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2198450243817700

Sixth Creek Website: https://sixthcreek.com/

Upper River Torrens Landcare Group: http://torrenslandcare.org/

The Brownhill Creek Association: http://brownhillck.org/

Reservoir volunteering: https://www.reservoirs.sa.gov.au/caring-for-our-reservoirs/volunteering

Bridgewater Friends of Cox Creek: https://www.facebook.com/groups/392295219660591/

Hills Environment Centre: https://hecinc.org.au/

Map of Volunteer Groups created by the Landscape Board: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?hl=en&hl=en&mid=1NcV2pYQxBWJU05OOeh0JgOkVdByCw7E&ll=-34.959515387276184%2C138.81206308498423&z=11

Mellissa – smart urban water designs

Water Sensitive SA home – www.watersensitivesa.com

Subpages that link to multiple resources are:

WSUD for … community – https://www.watersensitivesa.com/resources/wsud-for/community/

WSUD for … Developers | small-scale – https://www.watersensitivesa.com/resources/wsud-for/developers_small-scale-infill/

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