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Temple Bruer Arundi Grass

Field trip and AGM 1 Nov 2015

The Sustainability Fair is provided as a venue to showcase local activities that contribute to creating a more sustainable society particularly through a reduction in our carbon use.  We encourage businesses, community groups and individuals whose work will lead to greater sustainability to showcase successful achievements or otherwise promote their work.

The Sustainability Fair is run  by members of the Association.  We are a friendly group of people, committed to promoting “Sustainability”.  We come from all around Adelaide and come together to put on a fun, informative and interesting day where groups promote and discuss simple ways to become more sustainable.

Being more sustainable may mean growing a few veggies in your back yard, installing solar hot water, or solar panels, composting, irrigating more efficiently, rehabilitating local areas or simply becoming involved in your local community.  What ever sustainability means to you, we hope that we might inspire you make a difference.

We are always happy to meet new helpers.

Following the AGM in January 2018 the following people have been elected office holders for the Sustainability Fair Inc:

  • Chair: Claire Bossley
  • Secretary: Sue King
  • Treasurer/Public Officer: Richard Wallace
  • Deputy Chair:  Felicity Playford
  • Marketing/Social Media manager Jacqui Staniford
  • NFP Liaison Touraya Kandelaar
  • Committee Members: David Spry, Megan Spry, Katrina Allen, Freiya Reef MacNicol, Steve Smith, Ali Geers, Sally Ashton, Gryff Yorath.  Jenny Kemp was recruited later.

Minutes of meetings can be found here:The Sustainability Fair Inc 17-18 AGM minutes

We are best contacted by email to admin@sustainabilityfair.com.au